Evie paints two techniques and styles of painting, one traditionally with brush and another is with her fingers. A direct sensory of paint against canvas for her is an integral part of the process. Translating emotion and memory through colour, a sense of mood created as the observer is transported on their own journey, the viewer interprets through the abstract forms in her work in relation to their own memory and understanding of form.

Her line work is a careful fusion of construction and disconnection from mind and matter. A rich layering of color that form patterns reflecting her inner dialogue of connection to landscape.

Industrial Designer Sandra Elliott “There is a depth and sensitivity to the tonal colours of her works, an ethereal quality about them evoking lightness and freedom.”

Informed by her training in photography with a passion for colour and light, Evie began experimenting with paint as a medium in 2014, after her brush with death in 2011, her cross over and return after her double cardiac arrest. The years to follow took her on a journey of new found insight into the subtle art of surrender. Evie combines her art school training and intuitive connection, she collaborates with sub-conscious and trained technique.